Cheyne Walk Club - Steve DavisSparks may fly as the first break smashes through docile snooker balls on the green baize table at The Cheyne Walk Club.

This May 13th, renowned Snooker Champions Steve Davies and Dennis Taylor are once again drawing crowds to the Annual Snooker Club Dinner with an exciting Exhibition match.

Those who are lucky enough to reserve a ticket will witness a rerun of what fans say was the most famous snooker final ever, the Black-ball final of 1985!

Adam Finch, the club’s Chairman said, “Steve has been coming to The Cheyne Walk Club since the 1990s, but this will the first time we will have seen him play a re-run match with Dennis Taylor in our snooker room.   Michaela Tabb is our regular referee and I can sense that tensions will be high until the last ball is potted.”

Tickets are being reserved for Club members in the first instance at £55 for the main room and £45 and £35 for the smaller dining room. This includes a 3 course meal and Steve and Dennis talking about their past experiences in the game, as well as being able to watch the exhibition matches after the dinner.

The Cheyne Walk Club has seen the movers and shakers of Northampton play some of the greatest names in world snooker for decades, a fact that is supported by the many photos adorning the walls of the fully equipped snooker room, who knows, these legends may be looking down at possible budding Champions in the making.

The last word is from Steve Davis, he said, “I am really looking forward seeing old friends at the club and chatting to them over dinner, I always feel comfortable playing here, I’ve been coming here so long, it’s like coming home”.

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